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TOM CLAVIN is a bestselling author of 25 nonfiction books on American and

military history, sports, and entertainment. His writing career began in journalism, as a roving

reporter for The New York Times for 15 years as well as a contributor to national magazines

including Smithsonian, Men’s Journal, Parade, Reader’s Digest, and Sports Illustrated. Along the

way, he was awarded numerous prizes by the Society of Professional Journalists and National

Newspaper Association.

Six of his books have been New York Times best sellers: Halsey’s Typhoon (2007), The

Last Stand of Fox Company (2009), The Heart of Everything That Is (2013), Dodge City (2017),

Blood and Treasure (2021), and Follow Me to Hell (2023). Other titles that have received

popular and critical acclaim include Tombstone, Dark Noon, Valley Forge, Wild Bill, All Blood

Runs Red, Lightning Down, Lucky 666, and The Last Outlaws. Accolades have included the Spur

Award from the Western Writers of America for Best Nonfiction Book – twice, for The Heart of

Everything That Is and Dodge City – and from the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation for Best

Book of the Year, The Last Stand of Fox Company. His next book, Throne of Grace, was

published in May 2024 by St. Martin’s Press.

About one of the bestselling books, True West magazine wrote, “Just in time for great

summer reading, Tom Clavin’s latest Western history, Follow Me to Hell: McNelly’s Texas

Rangers and the Rise of Frontier Justice, has hit the bookstores and digital platforms for readers

who love the Old West. Currently, Clavin is one of the most popular and bestselling Western

authors writing about the Old West. Follow Me to Hell should sell a lot of books, and the author

has done an excellent job of providing readers—who may never have read a history of the Texas

Rangers—with a thorough overview of the development of the Lone Star law enforcement agency from a nascent frontier militia to one of the best-known frontier fighting forces in 19 th -

century America.

“Readers familiar with Clavin’s work will rediscover his easy reading narrative style. His

pace keeps the story moving forward, and he provides details on the historical characters and

events that make you want to read more on the topic after finishing the book.”

About The Last Hill, published in November 2022 (written with Bob Drury), the Wall

Street Journal stated, “Messrs. Drury and Clavin are to be commended for resurrecting with

delicate poignancy the travails of men of the 2nd Ranger Battalion like Robert Edlin and Bubby

Stein, so that their fate becomes a matter of deep moment to the reader. With its muscular prose

and expert storytelling, ‘The Last Hill’ deserves to stand beside Stephen Ambrose’s ‘Band of

Brothers’ as one of the truly epic—and intimate—accounts of American heroism and sacrifice in

World War II. This book should be read by anyone with even a passing interest in the conflict or

the Greatest Generation, of whom the Rangers may have been the greatest.”

For the screen, he has co-written/written several screenplays, including Trek and Rebel

Yell. Two of his books are currently being developed as screen projects, The Last Stand of Fox

Company and Lucky 666, and he is the co-writer of three limited series soon to be available for

development: Crazy Horse and Custer, Wellington, and Newfoundland. Previous adaptation

efforts include Dodge City (Amblin), All Blood Runs Red (Lena Waithe), The Heart of

Everything That Is (Ridley Scott Films), and Last Men Out (Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson).

He lives in Sag Harbor, New York. 

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